What is Coaching?

The majority of the population has no idea what life coaches do – I didn’t until I decided to be one! Not only that, but they also have no idea why some people have one, or if it’s something they need.

Let’s get clear on that now.

What IS this thing called Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a confidential relationship between yourself and your Coach and it is designed to bridge the gap between where you currently in life, to where you want to be playing at. It’s a space where you can talk openly about the things that are important to you and it’s an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Through a number of individual sessions, home exercises and specific strategies, we will work together to help you find the answers to whatever it is you want to work on whether it be your confidence, your relationships, your self-belief, your enthusiasm for life or something else.

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought –provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” – The International Coach Federation (ICF).

Coaching aims to pose challenging, powerful questions that put you back in charge of your life and taking steps in the right direction to achieve your goals.

One of the best parts about coaching is that in our sessions, we don’t dwell on the past or ‘why’ things are the way they are – that’s in the past and we can’t change that! Instead we go right to work on figuring out ‘what’ you want, ‘who’ you need to be, ‘what’ you need to do and then we make it happen

Do I need a Life Coach?

This is kind of like asking if you need a Personal Trainer. I mean you will probably survive without one, but how serious are you about making the changes you want? If you were to work with a skilled personal trainer you’d get up and go to that 7am appointment because there’s someone to be accountable to! Coaching accelerates change and provides you with the accountability and the platform for making changes with someone there to back you up and redirect you if things go off track.

You might want to get yourself a coach if you:

  • Are stuck in a fork in the road
  • Lack clarity or direction
  • Lack a sense of direction and purpose in life
  • Procrastinate
  • Self sabotage
  • Keep doing the same old thing and it’s frustrating you
  • Keep attracting negative people
  • Are sick of holding yourself back
  • Work too hard, too much or too often
  • Suffer from stress
  • Want to up your physical, personal or professional performance
  • Want to learn how to communicate better
  • Are interested in personal development
  • Want to learn about how your mind works and what makes you tick

(This is not an exhaustive list – you can get a coach for any reason you want!)

As unique as people are, there are as many possibly reasons why you might want to hire a coach. Still not sure? We can chat via email here.

What can I get from coaching?

Great question, sort of. Firstly, what do you want? It’s most likely the opposite of what you don’t want. I don’t know what you will get yet right now, especially if we haven’t met yet. If you’re willing to do the home tasks activities as well as play on the court and put stuff into action immediately then the sky and your imagination is the limit.

It’s actually not what you can ‘get’, it’s what you’re willing to go for. You don’t ‘get’ the stuff from the coaching, it comes around because you’re putting a slightly different version of you out there, and you’re clearer on where you’re steering the ship (ie. Your life). I’m the catalyst that helps you discover your own way there.

Is coaching for ‘broken’ people, or people with ‘issues’?

No it’s for anyone who wants to better themselves and their life! We all have our own issues right, but as long as you’re ready to change direction, or accelerate in the direction you’re already going, then coaching might very well be for you.

I will assume that you’re already awesome and that you have everything you need is within you right now…you may have just forgotten, be in denial, protection mode, or have become a little scared to be that way. I’ll help you reignite that.

Ready to jump on board or want to find out more? Write to me at CoachChristieM@gmail.com and I’d be happy to give you a FREE 30-minute consultation.