“The need for training and development in emotional intelligence and mindset is becoming increasingly popular. Christie’s training style is dynamic and engaging and workshops can be tailor made for a perfect fit. Workshops can run for a couple of hours, a full day or multiple days over a number of weeks. Retention of material is increased as participants receive succinct and relevant reinforcement and support via email as well as printable summary templates for easy back-at-the-office use”.

I’ve spend literally thousands of hours standing in front of a room educating and training multiple disciplines.

I specialise in the key areas of communication and emotional intelligence to help your organization or group learn the secret language of success. I also speak to student groups and educators.

Choose one of the workshops below or contact me on info@christiemclennan.com.au if you would like a tailor-made workshop.


Extended DISC

Extended DISC® Personality Profiling

The Secrets to Knowing Yourself and Others

Extended DISC is the most validated behavioral tool in the world. It has been said that ‘the degree to which you understand yourself, is the degree to which you will understand others’. Having a deeper understanding into what drives each of us and how we differ means we can more effectively enter someone else’s world. Understand your behavioral style and how to identify and communicate more effectively with others in this full-day workshop to enhance your individual and team results. You will have a new level of awareness and appreciation for differences in behavioral style and leave with a suite of practical tips and strategies for continued application.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • Your own preferred behavioural style
  • How to identify the 4 communication style
  • Powerful language to use with the 4 style
  • The secrets to recognising each style – in the blink of an eye
  • The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of each style
  • The 2 internal drivers of each style and how to use this to motivate yourself and others
  • The unique strengths of each profile and how to utilise them for peak performance

Length: Full-day

The 6 Core Drivers

The drivers at the core of happiness, fulfillment and personal performance


Understanding the drivers of human performance and personal fulfillment is critical. Too often, leaders and employees find themselves bored and unfulfilled in the workplace. This can lead to a decrease in productivity and performance and a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

In understanding your personal drivers, you can access to the secrets to enjoying what you do, achieving a better work/life balance and maintaining satisfaction in the workplace. The keys to personal and professional fulfillment are taught in this workshop and participants will be able to use them again and again.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • The 4 keys to personal and professional happiness
  • How to achieve fulfillment on a deep level with these 2 simple strategies
  • Your own top 2 drivers and what this says about you
  • The biggest mistakes managers make in trying to improve staff satisfaction – and what to do instead
  • How to maintain your best performance without burning out

Length: Half day


Powerfully Speakingwoman speaking room presenting workshop corporate

Engage your audience powerfully

Whether it be your weekly sales review, a formal board meeting or a speech to hundreds, commanding the attention of the audience is crucial.

Some people are born with the knack, and for everyone else, there’s this workshop.

The Powerfully Speaking workshop takes you through the techniques and tools used by experts on the stage to develop your skills in becoming a powerful presenter.

This workshop can also be adapted for those wanting to increase engagement in video presentations or courses.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • The 5-second trick to turn fear into focus (and to trust your memory)
  • How to win your audience using 4 learning modalities (and keep their attention)
  • The 5 language tools you simply must use (take these home with you too)
  • Command respect with this simple voice technique (you’ll laugh when you hear how simple it is)
  • The 5 Body Language styles to add clout to your message (ditch those clumsy mannerisms)
  • The simple but oh-so-effective presentation template to satisfy the neurology of your audience (and stop your brain overloading)
  • How to manage the stage to enhance your message (truly work the room)
  • How to deal with audience questions and answers (and how doing it wrong can switch your audience off in a second)
(Warning: This workshop may result in serious increases in confidence and belief in oneself to speak in front of an audience).

Length: 2 day intensive requiring significant audience involvement. 


Leadership Skills for Leaders

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Coaching Skills for Leaders

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Personal Success Principles

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To find out more about booking Christie for your next event, meeting or conference, please email her on CoachChristieM@gmail.com