“Before my sessions with Christie, I was dogged by low self-worth and feeling really incapable in my personal life despite the fact most people would be grateful to have the life I lead. Christie’s coaching is powerful, accessible and wholehearted; she oozes positivity and her non-judgemental and down-to-earth approach always put me at ease. 

She has done wonders in giving me the ability to believe I am brave, courageous and worthy of love and self-confidence. 

Through Christie’s no-nonsense and sincere approach, I’ve learnt the power of memories and how to take the power back in the present. It is incredibly easy to trust Christie because she is so friendly, competent and inspiring. Thank you Christie, for being so easy to trust and for helping me start my journey!”

~ Audrey – London


Like Magic!

I had an embarrassing phobia of dogs for the past 17 years. It was affecting my life to the degree that I couldn’t be around my friends with dogs, would run away from dogs in parks, and get strange looks from dog lovers everywhere. The session with Christie was non-threatening and really not what I was expecting; in fact it was actually kind of fun. And just like that, like magic, my phobia was gone! I can honestly say that just one session has made a significant change to my life and in particular my social habits.  Thanks Christie!

~ Mr Karan Mahisuri (Perth, Australia)


Through the sessions with Christie, we worked through my fears and lack of confidence which mainly seemed to stem from my childhood / teenage years. Christie’s questions about my patterns of behaviour and my ‘strategies’ for how I was acting really made me think in a new way, so that I could catch myself thinking negatively and then control it, or change it so that I got a different result. I can now better adjust my actions and modify by behaviours for increasingly positive results.
While working with Christie, I developed more confidence in speaking to new people, making new friends and travel buddies and I also was able to be me a lot more, which I was not confident in doing before working with Christie. I also learned a lot about my friends and how their negative attitudes could affect me. 
What has made a lasting difference to how I think since finishing the coaching sessions is my ability to look at things from a different perspective and not always look at things from a negative angle.
I found Christie’s coaching style to be very calm, accepting and caring and the types of questions she asked made me feel she was there for me and had no interest in judging me. I felt comfortable from the start, talking about things I had always found difficult to express to others.
~ Andi  (New Zealand)