Why saying “I know” doesn’t actually mean you know anything

i know

Stop saying, “I know!!” – You are kidding yourself!

(Parents/Teachers: Kids love to say it! Try asking them “If you actually knew, what would you already be doing differently, right now?”)

You see, saying, “Yeah, yeah, I know” let’s us off the hook. It dissolves responsibility and stops us from taking action because, apparently, we know it all.

If we knew it we’d already be doing it.

Thing is to TRULY know is to take action.

Hands up who knows how to stop smoking.
That’s right. You stop. Easy peasy!

Hands up who knows how to lose a few kg’s.
You got it. Eat less, move more.

I can’t say that I know I can bungee jump because I’ve never done it. Me saying I can is ALL TALK until the day I do it (or not..I’d rather jump from a plane again).

So what? Let’s turn that knowing into DOING!

What are 3 things you KNOW you ‘should’ be doing more of?
3 things you KNOW you should be doing less of?
3 things you KNOW you want to STOP?
3 things you KNOW you want to START?

Maybe you wrote them down but the voice inside your head is already telling you that you’ll do them tomorrow? Are you having a nice day fishing on ‘Someday Isle”

Having a coach to help you stay accountable to yourself is a great way to re-learn how to take massive action.

That my friends, is what I do. If you need a kick up the backside and some life strategising – message me.

This week I started lifting weights again as I KNOW that will get me more toned…it’s working already. I’ve got my training on the weekly calendar. Tick.
I need to eat less bread and so I have skipped the bread aisle.

Write them down. Break them down into smaller parts if you need to.
Schedule them.
Do them.
Watch yourself GROW and lean towards the sunshine.

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