So you’ve most likely got a good job, your peers look you up to and everyone tells you how amazing you are and how confident you seem.

That’s all true, but what people don’t know about you is the internal, ever critical side of yourself who is

petrified of getting it wrong

not following through or

getting left behind in others’ dust

You’re sick and tired of not following through on your goals, and you’re resigned and cynical about ever having life truly on your terms, where you’re in control and marching on through the barricade of ‘normal’ fear and doubt.

You want so much out of life and settling for mediocrity is definitely NOT an option, and you are filled to the brim with eagerness and wanton desire for an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE and to put your self-imposed limitations to rest!

You want to be in a space where you truly honor yourself as your word. So if you say:

“I’m going to….[go running/clean out my wardrobe/ask for that promotion/tell my boyfriend the truth/commit to getting more toned etc]…today”,

you bloomin’ DO IT, because you SAID YOU WOULD and you BELIEVE YOURSELF!

You want to be getting real results on YOUR scale and your timeframe, and you know that if you can just achieve a few of these things you’ve been putting off, the proverbial ball will be rolling and you will be UNSTOPPABLE, even in the face of those pesky challenges or the relentless naysayers in your life.

You will no longer refer to the past to make decisions in your infinite moments of now or for your impending future.

You are a woman (or man) of your word.

You mean what you say and you say what you mean.

People are left in a state of WOW because you live life your way

How amazing would it be to have your daily goal setting and vision rituals as automatic as cleaning your teeth, and to have a new appreciation for that ‘other you’ aka the voice, who’s been living in your head (who has always meant well, but up until now has been wearing the pants in this relationship) who is now happy to back off and pipe down when told. Thank you very much.

Working with a coach will help you achieve your goals quicker and easier than doing it all on your own (trust me I have figured this out the hard way).

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