I am so glad you are here. The chances are that you’re here because you are sick of not getting what you want or where you want in life, or at least not in the time you want it! Chances are you’re here searching for that key to unlock your best potential for living and communicating authentically and confidently. I understand because I’ve walking in these shoes before.

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I coach, mentor and train people who are passionate about upping their own stance in life by helping them work through the what’s holding them back, develop a top-notch mindset and reset their beliefs so they can play a bigger game, achieve their goals, and make the kind of difference they have been waiting to make for themselves and their people.

What you’re focusing on is what you’re getting. If you don’t like what you’re getting, let me help YOU change your focus so YOU can start having what YOU DESIRE out of life.

Perhaps you’re not even sure what you want, or what you need…or even how you’re going to do it. But that’s okay! You’re not supposed to because that’s my job.

You’re in the right place! You’ve landed here because you’re searching for something! It might feel like you’re looking in a haystack for some unidentified object, but you know that when you see it that it will make all the difference.

That thing that you don’t even yet know what it is, is freeing your mind from those imposing beliefs and the voice inside your head that tells you that you can’t. (See, you’re not crazy, we all have voices in our heads – I call them our Mini-me’s!)

There’s something in your belly that’s speaking to you. It’s calling you to reach out and work with someone who can help unleash that thing inside you (the real you), so you can be everything you want to be.

I know that I was put on this earth to help people live a fulfilling life. It makes me so happy to hear my clients tell me, “I finally did it!” I love seeing my clients achieve things that were previously deemed too far outside the comfort zone. It’s an amazing feeling that by being present with them, and showing them how to move beyond.

I love working with people and sorting through the relevant, sometimes, pointy bits of your life story to find out the parts that have shaped who you are today. We will get you clearer and reconnected with the BIG WHY.

I would love to work with you to help you discover how to live your life with true self-expression and authenticity.

I know that as you’re still reading this then you are ready to start taking action and living your life in true YOU style. You are totally worth investing in and I will invest the time into showing you the ropes and giving you the tools you have been waiting for.

If you’re waiting to finish your job, move house, pay off that debt, get fit or for the planets to align to start working with me…well dear, stop waiting. The ducks only line up AFTER the mother duck quacks, not before! So take the step, invest in you and let’s get cracking.

The Official “Do-I-Look-Good-On-Paper” Bio: 

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Christie McLennan is a certified Life Coach from The Coaching Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tasmania, specializing in Psychology and Mathematics. She also completed post-graduate studies in Education at Monash University in Melbourne.

Christie is a practitioner of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and is an accredited consultant and trainer of Extended DISC® Behavioral Profiling and Morrisby Career Profiling.  She is also a member of the International Coach Guild and part of the Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching program at The Coaching Institute.

 Christie spent ten years working with teenagers and young adults teaching Psychology, Mathematics and Science in both Australia and London. She is still passionate about making a difference to teenagers and one of her programs does exactly that. She empowers them to live and communicate confidently and to succeed in their senior years at school.

 Her mission is to enable and empower people to live life brilliantly, with authenticity and full self-expression and to be masters of their own mind.

 You can work with Christie by getting personal coaching, or by taking advantage of her emotional intelligence training and personality profiling for corporate clients and teams.

Contact Me

Want to work with me? You’ll discover a new way of thinking that gets you what you want with YOU in charge.

If you’re interested in getting started, or to find out more, email me on info@christiemclennan.com.au and I’d be happy to offer you a FREE 30-minute consultation. You’ve got everything to gain.

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Some other bits and bobs about me…

  • When I am laughing real hard, I make this weird ‘haargh’ sound. It’s been affectionately named the ‘air laugh’ and it happens when the laugh I have to expel is too big to fit out of my mouth. My boyfriends seemed to love impersonating me in the act, which makes it happen even more, almost to the point of hyperventilating
  • I used to play women’s Rugby Union for my University in my early 20’s
  • I am Tasmanian born and bred and proud of it! If you’ve been then you know how amazingly beautiful and unique it is.  If not then it’s a great place to spend a few weeks driving around
  • I am a farm girl at heart. My parents live on a big property in Tasmania
  • I have to block my ears every time I flush that scary, noisy toilet on the airplane
  • I love personal development and am always learning something new
  • I am passionate about the welfare and protection of dolphins, whales, orangutans and Sumatran tigers
  • I am not afraid of spiders. Even big ones. Unless they are in my hair. That’s freaky
  • I LOVE horses. I used to have a big grey thoroughbred called Mosas when I was a teenager. I miss him so much – RIP Mosas xox
  • I compete in on stage fitness competitions. In 2013 I won 1st place in both the Tall and the Over 30’s categories in the IBNA state championships. There’s more to come in 2014!
  •  I lived in London for four years in my late 20’s where I worked and travelled the world. This taught me a lot about appreciating what I have. Travelling alone for months on end really did something to my resilience and ability to strike up a conversation with anyone.

So…I’d love to hear from you!

All you have to do is email me on info@christiemclennan.com.au. I’d be happy to offer you a FREE 30-minute consultation to see if coaching is a fit for you.