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Meet Christie

My purpose in life is to empower and enable you to have a FITTER MIND.

I am a life coach with a special interest in health and fitness of the body and mind. You can work with me one on one or attend one of my workshops.

I coach, mentor and train people who are passionate about upping their own stance in life by helping them work through the what’s holding them back, develop a top-notch mindset and reset their beliefs so they can play a bigger game, achieve their goals, and make the kind of difference they have been waiting to make for themselves and their people.

What you’re focusing on is what you’re getting. If you don’t like what you’re getting, let me help YOU change your focus so YOU can start having what YOU DESIRE out of life.

Perhaps you’re not even sure what you want, or what you need…or even how you’re going to do it. But that’s okay! You’re not supposed to because that’s my job.

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